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For Patients and Families

Welcome to the Beloved Foundation. We were founded by two women who have been in your shoes and understand the emotional and financial stresses that you are facing.

You may qualify for our grant program if you live in the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties and are struggling financially as a result of providing full time care for a family member whom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is under hospice care. Beloved Grants assist in paying for basic needs such as rent or mortgage payments and utilities up to $2,500 and assistance with final expenses** up to $850 per family. If you are facing a similar situation to the one described above and have exhausted your options for assistance we encourage you to apply for this financial support program immediately. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.

To Apply:

  1. You must be able to prove you are struggling financially while providing full time care to your loved one with terminal cancer.
  2. You and the patient must live within San Bernardino or Riverside counties (Southern Ca.).
  3. In order to receive an application you must have your hospice social worker contact us directly. This referral is necessary to qualify for funding. We regularly work with hospice providers such as Visiting Nurses California, Hospice of the Valleys and many of the local hospitals, Redlands Community & Loma Linda Cancer Center to name a few. If you are working with another hospice provider not mentioned above, that is ok. Simply ask your hospice provider to contact us to begin the grant application process.
  4. Help us, help you by making sure that the application is complete. Incomplete applications will delay the determination process.
  5. You must provide income documentation and copies of the bills for which you are requesting assistance. Please note: Beloved pays checks directly to the mortgage company, landlord, utility or service provider.
  6. If you are requesting assistance with final expenses please include this request in your application. ** Please note we do not accept post-mortem burial/ cremation requests.
  7. After your application has been received, you will be contacted within 2-3 weeks with a decision. We understand this is a difficult time and do our best to simplify the application process as much as possible. If it turns out that you do not qualify for our grant, we encourage you to visit our resource page, which has information on many wonderful organizations that may be of help to you.

Partners in Hope

Partners in Hope is group of individuals who have committed to easing the burden on families struggling financially as a result of caring for a loved one with terminal cancer by participating in a monthly giving program. You know you are making a difference every single month.

$25 Per Month

Prevents shutoff with utilities for two families with children.

Easy Monthly Giving

$50 Per Month

Stop the eviction of a family of four.

Easy Monthly Giving

$100 Per Month

Provides a family with one full month of financial support.

Easy Monthly Giving

Once you join you will receive a welcome packet, quarterly newsletters and monthly updates on how your gift is impacting lives.

Not ready to become a Partner in Hope?

You can make a onetime gift here